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Mindfulness at work has been shown time and time again to increase individual wellbeing. In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness, paying attention to the present moment.The roots of mindfulness sit firmly in Buddhism but it is increasingly being used in a secular form by individuals, companies and organisations to improve resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. In the current economic climate leaders, teams and individuals are increasingly being asked to do more with less, using mindfulness at work offers a way to manage such changes effectively.


Regular mindfulness practice has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict. Findings from neuroscience have also demonstrated increased resilience, improved communication and emotional intelligence with regular mindfulness practice.

Feedback from Making Mindfulness Work programmes has consistently demonstrated a positive improvement in stress reduction, resilience and team cohesion.

Individuals practising mindfulness also report an increase in empathy, improved confidence and ultimately, improved relationships with colleagues, friends and family


Leading companies such as Google, Deutcshe Bank, Transport for London, & the NHS are successfully using groundbreaking mindfulness programmes in their organisations with phenomenal results;

  • Improved individual and team performance
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Greater levels of resilience
  • Better decision making
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • A reduction in stress & anxiety
  • Increase in emotional intelligence
  • Reduced stress related absenteeism
  • Improved team cohesion

Gill Thackray

At Making Mindfulness Work we use tried and tested Mindfulness strategies to improve your wellbeing. All of our programmes are scientifically based and backed up with the latest in neuroscience research. We work closely with organisations and individuals to create bespoke Mindfulness programmes that meet your needs.

Gill Thackray, Director of Making Mindfulness Work is a business psychologist and mindfulness teacher. She has practiced mindfulness for over ten years, having lived, worked and studied in China, Tibet, India and Thailand.

Gill has worked internationally with government bodies, companies and organisations. She is a member of the Association of Business Psychologists, Institute of Leadership and Management, British Neuroscience Association and Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Making Mindfulness Work is committed to the Good Practice Guidelines of the Mindfulness Teachers Network.

Why Mindfulness now?

Globally change is the one constant in the world of work. In an increasingly competitive world nothing stays the same. Companies, teams and individuals are being asked to do more with less and find innovative ways of working whilst managing change effectively in fast paced uncertain environments.

More than ever, the ability to respond to change effectively, manage stress, build resilience, and to innovate are crucial in today’s ever changing workplace. Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice improves our ability to manage stress, building our resilience and enabling better decision making under pressure, navigating unpredictable situations and events more effectively. Our Mindfulness at Work programmes have demonstrated a profoundly positive impact upon corporate cultures in an ever changing high pressured environment.

Mindfulness & Science

How can something seemingly so simple really make a difference? Everything that we do at Making Mindfulness Work has its roots in solid research. We base our practice in science with the most up to date evidence from neuroscience and psychology, applying these principles to all of our interventions. Our courses are tried and tested and come with enthusiastic testimonials from our clients.

Mindfulness Courses

At Making Mindfulness Work we offer a selection of mindfulness programmes to organisations and individuals including;

  • An 8 week in house Mindfulness at work programme
  • Introduction to Mindfulness at work
  • Leadership Mindfulness coaching
  • Bite size Mindfulness at work tasters
  • Mindfulness for Teams
  • Mindfulness for senior leaders

Clients have included The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, Barclays Bank, The Centre for Strategy & Communication (London), British School of Osteopathy, Birmingham City Council and Local Government Association.

Gillian Crossland-Thackray
Making Mindfulness Work
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